Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: "The House of Death Floats By" (2023)

Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: "The House of Death Floats By" (1)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season three episode nine, the season’s penultimate episode, finds the Santo Padre chapter briefly increasing their ranks, Miguel seeking revenge for his mother’s murder, and Coco in dire straits. Episode nine, “The House of Death Floats By,” ends with EZ dropping a bombshell that could alter Bishop’s plans.

Episode nine opens with EZ (JD Pardo) in jail after getting into a brawl while out for ice cream with Gaby. Angel (Clayton Cardenas) bails EZ out and picks his bro up from jail. The two have a heart-to-heart and Angel reveals he saw Adelita. She’s definitely not doing well, and Angel only shakes his head no when EZ asks about the baby.

“When she showed back up out of the blue like that, I told myself don’t ever let her out of your sight,” says Angel. Adelita left and Angel blames himself for not being enough for her.

EZ laughs when Angel suggests Nails might be the one but turns serious when Angel confesses Nails is pregnant. Angel swears he won’t mess up this time and EZ thinks he’ll be a great dad. EZ suggests Angel better start using a condom but Angel’s not sure that would make a difference. “I got that 100-proof baby juice,” jokes Angel.

Over at the Galindo estate, Emily (Sarah Bolger) smiles as she examines the bruises on her neck left by Miguel. Although she initially appears content, her smile fades as she takes meds and then attempts to use makeup to cover the bruises.

Coco (Richard Cabral) slowly makes his way out of the bedroom and into the living room. Leticia (Emily Tosta) spent the night cleaning and the place is spotless. Leticia apologizes for going off on him and explains she’s pulled together a list of rehabs. She thinks the club can help pay for it. Coco is adamant that won’t work. If the club finds out he’s shooting up they would kill him.

When Leticia reveals Hope snuck out during the night, Coco begins panicking. He knows she’ll be killed if she returns to the drug camp, but Leticia doesn’t want him to leave. She begs him not to choose Hope over her. Coco leaves anyway, ignoring Leticia’s pleas.

Elsewhere, Bishop (Michael Irby) and Ibarra (Mike Beltran) discuss Bishop’s new plan without going into details. Bishop reveals only EZ knows what’s in store for now. He’ll let the guys party a little when Creeper and Pavia return, and then he’ll put the plan into action.

Bishop assures Ibarra he’ll never forget everything he’s done for the club and declares Canche will be dead by sundown tomorrow.

And speaking of Canche… The Yuma president is summoned to meet with El Banquero by Vatos Malditos’ president, El Palo (Gregory Cruz). Palo believes Canche should work a deal with El Banquero to procure heroin, cutting out Santo Padre and making Yuma the pipeline instead. El Banquero hints Galindo will be taken out of the picture.

Palo wants to patch over to the Mayans M.C. Yuma charter and help take out Bishop and Santo Padre.

EZ shows up at the butcher shop looking for Gaby and Felipe (Edward James Olmos) explains he sent her home because of the injuries to her face. EZ confesses as a child he looked through his mom’s book of Goya paintings and one struck a nerve. He says the painting of a dog swimming in the ocean (known as “The Dog”) expresses how he’s felt his entire life. He’s always believed he was going to be swallowed up by something and has unsuccessfully tried to lock that away. EZ admits what he’s done for the club weighs heavily on his shoulders and Gaby is his only lifeline. “I can’t lose her, Pop,” says EZ.

Over at the Galindo estate, Emily returns from a jog and gets into it with her sister, Erin, when she notices the bruises. Emily tries to play them off but Erin’s having none of it. Erin can’t believe Miguel attempted to strangle her and reminds Emily what Miguel is. Emily turns the argument around, reminding Erin she always comes crawling back to her and Miguel when she needs help.

“You stay in this house and you’re going to f*ck your kid up, too,” says Erin.

Emily gets defensive and grabs her checkbook. She’s ready to write a check to get rid of her sister, and Erin claims she only came when Miguel asked because she thought Emily needed her. Erin refuses to take any money and leaves.

Miguel (Danny Pino) is out at the spot where Dita died when Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) pulls up. Marcus brings his gun with him as he exits the vehicle, noting Nestor’s already there. Miguel reveals Nestor just told him about the motorcycle tracks he discovered near Dita’s dead body.

Miguel knows his mother was murdered and Nestor keeps Marcus out of trouble by claiming he’s the only one who noticed the tracks. Miguel explains Nestor was afraid of what it could mean when he found the tracks. He tells Marcus that Emily and EZ conspired to kill his mother and have been laughing at him behind his back.

Miguel tests Marcus’ loyalty by ordering him to kill EZ.

EZ heads over to Gaby’s house and is initially told she’s gone. Gaby (Sulem Calderon) finally comes to the door so they can talk about what happened. Her face is puffy and she has a black eye, and EZ apologizes. Gaby knows what happened had nothing to do with her and everything to do with who EZ is. She believes he can’t help himself and she’s done putting up with violent behavior.

Gaby reminds EZ he made a choice to be part of the club and has no problem flirting with death. She wants to distance herself from darkness and has decided to move to Lodi to be with her family and attend nursing school. Gaby loves EZ and believes if he loves her, he’ll let her go.

Back at the clubhouse, Steve (Momo Rodriguez) is having a really difficult time dealing with the fact he shot and killed a man. Hank (Frankie Loyal), Gilly (Vincent Vargas), and Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) toss him their keys – and spout a few what the f*ck, Steve’s while doing so – before sending him off to clean their bikes.

After Steve heads out, Hank and Nails (Justina Adorno) have a chat. She’s just about to tell him about Angel when Angel walks in. Before Hank heads into the club’s meeting, he asks Nails if she wants to come to dinner with him and his mom. Nails says yes and Hank is all smiles.

EZ’s running late for the meeting when Steve asks to speak with him. Initially, EZ brushes him off but then changes his mind. Steve explains he’s having a rough time and can’t stop thinking about the guy he killed. EZ tells him to put it away, to lock it away because this is what they signed up for.

“This is who we are. Everything else is a f*cking lie,” says EZ.

Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: "The House of Death Floats By" (2)

The club celebrates the return of Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) and Pavia (Roel Navarro), and this time it’s Creeper who delivers the “what the f*ck” line to Steve. Steve appears confused as Hank demands he remove his jacket. Steve places it on the table and is completely shocked when Bishop reveals they’re about to shed dead weight. Coco is out!

Bishop acknowledges Steve’s only been there four months yet they voted this afternoon to make him a member. Steve is no longer a prospect.

The club welcomes him on board, but Steve’s expression never changes. He looks lost as he stares at his new jacket.

Angel has the music turned down as she grabs Nails. He gets everyone’s attention and then holds up Nails’ hand. She’s wearing an engagement ring and a huge smile as Angel announces he’s off the market.

He accepts congrats from the club before making his way to his brother. EZ realizes Nails is wearing their mother’s ring and tells his big bro their mom would be proud of him.

It’s pitch dark when Coco arrives at the drug camp. He’s in the process of retrieving Hope when he’s stopped at the trailer door by a shotgun-wielding druggie. Butterfly (Spenser Granese) takes Coco’s gun as Isaac (JR Bourne) welcomes him back.

Coco’s strung up and gagged as Isaac wipes him down with a wet rag. He explains Hope was simply a lure to get Coco to keep coming back. Isaac says Hope didn’t know that’s what she was doing so Coco shouldn’t be angry with her.

Isaac reminds Coco he tried to steal pills from the group and he refused to bring them more heroin. Coco struggles against his restraints as Isaac injects him with heroin. Isaac explains he’s going to take every bit of Hope from Coco.

Miguel returns home to find Emily standing by the pool, smoking. He notices there’s something wrong and Emily reveals Erin’s gone and it’s probably for good this time. She confesses she said awful things and Miguel comforts her while admitting it’ll be nice to have the house to themselves.

Later that evening, Miguel draws a bath and sprinkles it with rose petals. Emily relaxes in the tub as Miguel pours her a glass of wine. They chat and laugh, and then Miguel heads to the kitchen to retrieve more wine.

Out of sight in the kitchen, Miguel stirs Emily’s prescription medication into the wine. He returns to the bathroom and hands it to her. She looks completely content as she smiles while sipping her drink. Moments later, Emily begins to realize something’s wrong as she struggles to hold her eyes open. She passes out and Miguel removes the glass from her hands then gently caresses her face. He uses just one hand to push her head under the water. She doesn’t struggle and continues to sleep as the pace of the bubbles on the water’s surface decreases.

Miguel leaves her that way and heads to their bedroom. He sits on the floor, crying, as he thinks about what he’s done. Suddenly he rises to his feet and races to the bathroom. He retrieves Emily’s body from underwater and she spits out water but doesn’t wake up.

He carries her to their bedroom and places her on their bed as she gags. Miguel apologizes and holds her as she continues coughing, eyes still closed.

Meanwhile in Mexico, Governor Sederica Palomo (Mia Maestro) delivers a speech condemning the Galindo cartel. Adelita’s young rebels have infiltrated the crowd and launch an attack that forces Palomo’s bodyguards to rush her away.

Palomo’s hustled to safety in a bathroom and locked in with one guard. He checks out the stalls and only makes it to the second door before he’s shot. Adelita (Carla Baratta) and Mini (Melany Ochoa) emerge from the stalls, and Adelita reminds Palomo she turned her back on the people she swore to protect – as did Miguel Galindo.

Palomo begs for her life but to no avail. Mini declares she’s Adelita as she viciously stabs Palomo over and over again. Adelita finally makes her stop.

Mini says, “Kill the devils,” as Adelita pulls her in for a hug.

The club’s still partying when Steve reverts to his prospect ways and tries to clean up empty beer bottles. Creeper reminds him he’s patched now and makes him take a seat. Bishop’s telling a story and EZ raises his bottle to acknowledge Steve’s achievement.

Steve, however, looks like someone’s just shot his dog.

Everyone at the table’s enjoying Bishop’s story except Steve. He glances around the table at his new brothers and then says, “Sorry, EZ. I don’t think I can put it away.”

EZ screams but it’s too late. Steve places the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.

Adelita and Mini are alone at a remote location when Adelita tells the young girl she’s leaving. Adelita claims she has to put the final part of their plan into action by herself. They say their goodbyes, with the adult Adelita passing on her name to the young rebel.

“Adios, Adelita,” says Mini.

“Hola, Adelita,” responds Adelita, brushing away the young girl’s tears.

EZ drives over to Gaby’s place and bangs on the door. She asks him not to make their goodbye harder than it already is and EZ shocks her by declaring he’s going with her. “I choose you,” says EZ.

Mayans M.C. season three’s final episode, “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write,” will air on May 11, 2021. The just-announced fourth season is expected to arrive in 2022.

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