How to Prepare for Canara Bank PO Exam? Facts about Bank PO Examination India 2021 (2023)

Before beginning your preparation, go through the Canara Bank Probationary Officer Examination structure and its Syllabus. Distinguish the subjects according to the complication degree and give additional duration on hard subjects. Make a practical schedule and obey it rigidly.

Attempt to create yourself notes and if not feasible, focus on important questions as you prepare. These will assist you to improve rapidly. Organize your period, improve frequently and attempt mock examinations.

The topic-wise practice strategy is provided below. Read on to learn more about how to prepare for Canara Bank PO exam.

How to Prepare for a Bank PO Exam in Two Months?

Canara Bank Probationary Officer Examination has 4 categories, and all 4 categories are assembled to ask 200 questions. Canara bank holds the examination for the hiring of PO in 2 hrs.

Resolving 200 questions in two hrs can be tough. Developing a topic-wise strategy can assist aspirants to resolve the questions correctly within the period. The given below table illustrates the topic-wise questions.

SectionsNumber of Questions
English Language50
Quantitative Aptitude50
General Awareness50

Points to Keep in Mind

# Apart from the English language, distinct subjects will be bilingual (English and Hindi both)

# The cut-off marks for every subject and the general cut-off score will be determined by the bank.

# Aspirants must crack both the cut-off scores, that are sectional and overall, to attempt for the following stage of the nomination procedure. These are the points to keep in mind before proceeding ahead with how to prepare for bank PO Exam in 2 months

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How to Prepare English for Bank PO Exam?

How to prepare English for Bank PO Exam?To understand the English Language you are required to concentrate on the 3 basic portions of the English Language, which are Grammar, Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension. Learn how to prepare English for Bank PO Exam through the following:

Know the Principles

Understanding English Grammar is crucial and preparing for questions raised based on English Grammar. This will assist you to understand queries like Tenses, Error Spotting, Direct & Indirect Speech Active & Passive Voice, etc.

Grammatical Restrictions

Once you are extremely aware of the grammatical restrictions and have prepared sufficiently, you will be capable of resolving most of the queries from this category.

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Enhance Writing

Improve your writing by reading English newspapers, books etc. Understand fresh words and exercise sentence building with them. Possessing a decent vocabulary is the main component by which you will be apt to secure better in less duration.

Reading Habit

Making a reading habit will assist you to read and learn passages or articles in less duration. This will enable you to understand passage-based queries and comprehension exams in comparatively less duration.

Be Regular

Prepare several sections of queries and read regularly to enhance your execution in this category.

Keep a Track of Time

In this category, you can secure ultimate scores in comparatively lesser duration delivered. You are extremely evident with your basics and have practised sufficiently.

How to Prepare for a Bank PO Exam?

Candidates have lots of queries about how to prepare for the Bank PO Exam. We will understand each detail in the following article. Each year Canara Bank conducts hiring for several PO bank openings. As an outcome, if you desire to appear for the examination, you are required to fasten up and begin your preparation when you barely have 2 months in hand, for the Bank Probationary Officer exam.

For achieving peak scores, you have to work hard and put all your focus into your preparation. To be on the ultimate merit list of the Bank, you are required to be dedicated and the most crucial aspect is improving your efficiency and precision. This can be accomplished only through strategy for the next two months for the PO Exam.

Recruitment of Bank PO

Banking divisions are hiring staff in a forthcoming way and each year the exam is becoming harder and the Bank Probationary Officer examination structure continues to shift.

So, those aspirants believing that preparation can be accomplished in the final 15-20 days or a night before, it’s not going to work that way to clear Examination and get recruitment of Bank PO. If you are trying to clear the Bank Probationary Officer exam this is the moment to become attentive. Few aspects to retain in mind:

Cutoff Thoughts to be Neglected

Do not think about the cutoff grade which is determined by the bank. Indeed, the cutoff is huge.

Modification Rate

When we discuss the modification rate, barely 10% of the aspirants are being appointed for the Bank Probationary Officer post.


The explanation is to be analysed why barely specific aspirants crack the exam and the rest don’t get appointed for the position of Bank PO. The preparation strategy makes the difference.

How to Start Bank PO Preparation?

Few tips and strategies that will assist the aspirants to prepare and enhance their enthusiasm and give solutions to all the problems on how to start bank PO preparation during the 2 months.

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The methods of preparation are the most crucial portion of the Bank PO exam. The technique in which the exam is attempted is not just crucial but as well the strategy tried during the practice procedure. This may fluctuate from individual to individual depending on what technique that is suitable for the aspirant best, must be obtained.

Reasoning and Quantitative

The portions that require more duration in the exam, these categories have limited cut-off compared to the other categories. But one has to clear all the categories individually, the questions in these portions are long and it requires more time for the aspirant to finish a sole question. So, don’t spend much time on these categories.

Tough Sections to do First

Try to only crack the sectional cutoff of hard categories, as it is the hardest portion of the exam. These categories are created to test the exactness of the aspirants. Ultimately one can accomplish it through preparation and it can be achieved skillfully, by just providing a moment to the Quantitative and Reasoning portion.

Initial Phase

For the initial week simply to begin preparation allot 3-4 hrs to Quantitative subjects like Numerical ability and Simplification, accordingly expand your duration for a quantitative week by week as you have only two months left with you, and at the end of 1 month, you will be prepared to see the variation in your practice status.

For the initial week, allow reasoning a blended 13 – 14 hrs of duration as it is the complicated portion of the exam, it requires much practice and much duration of yours.

Up to Date

Read awareness every day at least for 20 mins, then after three weeks hop to grammar practice and sentence correction, fill in the blanks etc.

Read News

Read the news daily to be up to date about the realities that are going on all around the whole world.

Take Test

Now, as you have done your preparation for all of the categories it’s time to examine yourself with the help of Mock exams and bank test question papers. From the sixth week, begin putting up with full-length mock exams such that at the end of two months, you have finished 9-10 mock exam papers and with estimation, it will take a blended time of 25-30 hrs. Every mock test will contain 1 hour and 30 minutes of estimation.

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Bank PO Preparation

To start with Bank PO Preparation one should keep the following things in mind.

Master Your Quant Skills

An aspirant can do that by creating his/her sturdy basics. Within the Quantitative ability category, the queries are supported with easy ideas, and if one is familiar with the fundamentals, they merely ought to practise plenty for being correct with time.

Master Your Reasoning Category

The aspirants have this concern in their sense that there’s no point of Reasoning any in an exceedingly Bank Probationary Officer work, then why is it the foremost necessary part of the exam, this can be solely owing to the rationale that it examines one’s skill to agitate robust things. This category is accurately done solely through preparation.

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Master your General Awareness Category

The practice for the portion has no stopping and this includes an extremely important role within the exam. An aspirant can secure 100% in this category if he/she is attentive to regular and current affairs.

For this purpose, specific habits like reading the newspaper often ought to be created, because it can keep you updated with this affair of your nation.

Bank PO Exam

Details of Bank PO Exam

Name of the ExamCanara Bank PO
Level of the ExamNational
Category of the ExamGraduation
Stages of the ExamOnline examination, Group Discussion & Personal Interview
Duration of the Exam2 hours
Language of the ExamEnglish & Hindi
FeesFor General aspirant INR. 708 & SC/ST/PWD is INR. 118
PurposeSelection of the PO in the bank after finishing one-year PGDBF course in Manipal Global Education Services Pvt Ltd or NITTE Education International Pvt Ltd

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Canada Bank PO is a prestigious job an individual can get. But the competition is so high. So preparation is what makes the whole experience different. Hopefully, the above article helped you with the information that you required.

For better preparation you can join UPSC Pathshala, here you will get all the detailed materials to study, one-on-one sessions, doubt clearing sessions and many more just a click away. So hurry up and join, don’t let the time slip away from your hand.

So which bank exam are you planning to apply for? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in given below sections.

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