How Old Are Cougar Women in 2023 - Cougar Age Chart (2023)

When it comes to the world of cougar relationships, it seems like everyone has so many questions about it.

Even though most of us know who Cougar women are and what this term is used for, both young men and women struggle with realizing how old you have to be in order to become a cougar.

Here are some of the things we will try to clarify and help you grasp the concept of a cougar woman way easier:

Is cougar every woman who is a bit older than you

Are cougars only women over 40 or 50 years old

Who are cougar women

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Who Are Cougar Women?

You probably already know this, but it will be of no harm to repeat these things because there may be some newbies to the world of cougar dating reading this.

Being a cougar means that you are an older woman who is looking to establish relationships with much younger men – those can be real, profound emotional relationships (likeeHarmonyorTinder) or just occasional sexual relationships (likeBeNaughtyorAshley Madison).

Cougar women are also referred to as puma women, jaguars, mountain lions, or lynx, and those are just some of the slang terms you will find in the Urban dictionary.

All of them are talking about the same type of women who spend their free time to prowl, or said in the regular language, to look for their victim – in this case, that this a younger man.

Women dating much younger men are considered cougars when this relationship doesn’t provide the men with any types of gifts or financial support because those are sugar relationships.

Now that you know what actually a cougar relationship is and that there are mature women who are always looking for younger partners, we should discuss one of the things that creates the most buzz.

How old do you have to be to bea cougar?

This is a universal question that is often asked by single women who are not sure whether they are cougars or not and younger men who don’t know what a cougar is and whether his milf may be one of them.

Are you dating a cougar girl or your woman is just slightly older than you, and she can’t be considered a cougar of any kind?

Read along and find these things out.

How Old Should A Cougar Woman Be?

Younger women usually try to push so many stereotypes and negative narratives about old women who are fond of younger males, but it seems like there is none of that double standard when someone of their own age is dating a much older man.

For that reason, you have probably heard about many people referring to oldcougar women and talking about grandmas who like to seduce young men.

There is also an ongoing debate about what is the right cougar age range and ad what age is a woman considered a cougarlady.

If you have watched Cougar Town or followed the celebrity culture, you have probably seen many examples of female cougarladies who may be in their forties or fifties but look perfectly and always seem to have the hottest young men around themselves.

Think about Demi Moore, who had Ashton Kutcher basically glued to her for years – she was in her forties when she started dating the 25-year old Ashton, and their relationship lasted for years.

However, that doesn’t mean that only rich and famous adult females are the ones who can be hot cougars.

You can definitely find plenty of these women in your city, too, and I believe there are so many wildcat women who are known for being fond of younger guys in your surroundings too, but you probably never labeled them as cougar.

This is also a pretty new term that was mostly popularised by mainstream media and social networks, and 20 years ago, you could definitely never hear people labeling women as cougars.

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Since it is a pretty new societal standard, it seems like most of the things regarding cougar dating and cougar life are not strictly defined and are up to debate.

So, what age are you considered a cougar, really?

This is a question that tends to receive the opposite answers completely, but over time, it seems like society has come to terms with and defined the age range of a cougar.

It is thought that cougars are women who are between 35 and 55 years of age and are at least 8 years older than their male partners.

As you can see, the woman’sage is not the most important thing when it comes to defining the cougar age range, and it has a lot to do with how older their partners are too.

For example, if you are a male in your early twenties who is enjoying a relationship with a girl who is less than 35 years old, she can be considered a cougar too.

If the age gap is big enough and she really is much older than you, then it doesn’t matter that she may not fit this age range.

However, when doing research and different types of questionnaires, this is often overlooked because there is a large number of women across the world who are married to guys 8 to 10 years younger than them.

It is not something you will come across often, but it happens, so not all of these women could be considered cougars.

When is a woman considered a cougar can also have a lot to do with the overall image she has created about herself in her close surroundings.

If she is someone who is known for dating much younger guys ever since she was in college, she can be a cougar before she is 35 or even if her partner is, for example, just 7 years younger.

I believe this defined cougar age range is really not the most important thing when it comes to cougar women because you will definitely be able to recognize one by yourself.

When using cougar datingsites, you will also see that cougar women are usually considered to be women who are more than 40 or 50 years old.

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This really tends to create a negative picture about these women in our society, and trust me, most cougars are not grandma-looking nor fat 45-year older women who are sexually frustrated.

Many women who are looking for a younger partner also don’t label themselves as cougars, or maybe don’t even know what that term means, so I would suggest ignoring the regular cougar datingsites and going for something less formal.

If you decide to follow all the things the media and society try telling you about cougar dating, then you probably won’t have too much success, and God knows what kind of women you will meet on your journey.

In case you are sure you are very much fond of older women and believe that you will enjoy engaging in relationships with them, I would say go for it and ignore these social standards.

The age difference is something that will work just fine if you feel comfortable with your lady, and I know from experience that many men feel a lot better in cougar relationships.

The slut-shaming and double standards that are pushed on us by society and some individuals is something you should definitely ignore and make sure never to base your decisions on them.

Most times, these women are so good at handling make-up and clothes that basically no one would be able to realize they are 10 or 15 years older than you, and even if they do – they probably don’t care.

Cougar should not be used as a derogatory term, and I hope that every woman who is into younger men is proud of that and doesn’t feel like she needs to hide it.

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The same goes for men who should be honest about their wishes and desires and never hide the fact that they prefer older women.

Whoever you may be, I recommend ignoring all the standards and expectations society has for you and doing just the things that you want without living in fear that you may get labeled as a cougar lady or a cougar cub by others.

Are All Older Women Cougars?

There is also a common misconception that all bit older women who are currently in a relationship with a much younger guy are cougars.

Even though there are several categories of cougar women, and we may refer to some as pumas, jaguars, or sabertooths, it really doesn’t mean that every woman should be put in these categories.

Some women tend to find themselves in a relationship with a younger guy just once in their lives, and they are automatically labeled as cougars.

In case your lady has never been in a relationship with a much younger guy before, then you are probably the exception, and you can’t consider her to be a cougar.

Things like this tend to happen when two people seem to click together, regardless of the age gap or many other differences.

So, in case you or someone else try labeling your girlfriend as a cougar just because she has been with a younger man once in her life, you are making a mistake.

A cougar is always a woman who is constantly seeking the company of much younger guys and has little to no interested in males of her own age, so make sure you don’t mistake sincere women this way too.

Life happens, and just because the two of you met and clicked, it doesn’t mean that anyone should have the right to label her as puma, jaguar, or cougar – not even you.


What age is a cougar?

As we have already mentioned, the cougar age range is not something that is strictly defined, but there certainly is some definition to it.

Most cougar women are between 35 and 55 years old, but this can vary depending on the age of their male partner.

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What is the age difference for a cougar?

Many people debate on how much of an age gap is ok for cougar dating.

However, cougars are usually women who are at least 8 years older than their partner and are a part of a much older generation.

What is a woman older than a cougar called?

If you were asking yourself whether there really is and what is older than a cougar, then we have an answer for you.

Sabertooth is a woman who is over 60 years old and enjoys engaging in relationships with much younger men.

How to calculate cougar age?

Cougar is used to refer to women who are in their forties, while the word jaguar refers to women who are 50 or over, all the way up to 60.

Pumas are women who are under 40 years old.

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There is also a sabertooth who is over 60 years old.


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