DNA Tests from Walgreens {guide} (2023)

Being able to take a DNA test on your own offers complete confidentiality and convenience. Here at YourDNA, we've looked into some of the most popular and readily available tests on the market.

What's in this Guide?

  • Can You Buy DNA Tests at Walgreens?
  • Can You Buy a DNA Test From Walgreens Online?
  • Does Walgreens Do DNA Testing?
  • How Much Do Walgreens DNA Tests Costs?
  • What Types of DNA Tests Can You Buy at Walgreens?
  • How Do the DNA Tests at Walgreens Work?
  • Is a DNA Test From Walgreens Accurate?
  • Can You Use Coupons to Buy a DNA Test at Walgreens?
  • What Are the Benefits of Using a DNA Test From Walgreens?
  • Are DNA Tests From Walgreens FDA Approved?
  • Can You Use a Walgreens DNA Test For Legal Purposes?
  • DNA Tests at Walgreens Reviews

Disclaimer: Before You Read

It is important to know that your genes are not your destiny. There are various environmental and genetic factors working together to shape you. No matter your genetic makeup, maintain ideal blood pressure and glucose levels, avoid harmful alcohol intake, exercise regularly, get regular sleep. And for goodness sake, don't smoke.

Genetics is a quickly changing topic. Read More...We will do our best to keep our content current, but it's important to know the new research can change our content at any time. For this reason, it is important to talk to your doctor about any medical symptoms or genetic tests you are considering. The information on this website is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment.

Many DNA tests are available as at-home tests. These tests are also known as "direct-to-consumer genetic tests". These tests are not typically medically verified and should not be used to make medical decisions. Our review of these tests is meant to help explain what you can, and more importantly what you can NOT, expect to learn or decide from their results. None of the products or services offered through the website are necessarily safe, suggested, or appropriate for you.

We've done your homework for you, so read on and learn more about the different types of DNA tests you can find at Walgreens.

Can You Buy DNA Tests at Walgreens?

The good news is that you can purchase several types of DNA tests at Walgreens.

Just a few you can choose from include paternity, genetic, food and pet sensitivity, and healthy weight tests 1. You’ll find that there are numerous brands to choose from, so you would have to spend some time researching to find the best one for you.

While Walgreens carries at home DNA test kits, there is usually a separate fee to have the testing performed in a lab.

Can You Buy a DNA Test From Walgreens Online?

Walgreens makes it easy for online shoppers, offering people the opportunity to purchase DNA testing kits online.

There are some you’ll find that are only available in the stores, but most of them you can purchase online. Some DNA tests are only available online so you won’t find them in the stores, but Walgreens specifies that clearly on their website 2.

The prices you see online may differ from those you see in the store, so that’s something you need to keep in mind.

Does Walgreens Do DNA Testing?

Walgreens doesn’t perform the DNA tests at their stores.

They have many tests stocked on their shelves that you can purchase and take from the comfort and privacy of your home but the sample processing is done by the company that makes the kit, not Walgreens.

The kits have very easy to understand directions on how to collect the DNA for the testing.

How Much Do Walgreens DNA Tests Costs?

The prices of at-home DNA tests do vary, depending on the type of test you purchase and the brand.

The typical price range of the tests as of February 2019 range from approximately $15 and go up to $30. An important thing you do need to remember is that the price of the kit does not include the cost of the DNA analysis performed in a laboratory 3.

The laboratory costs do vary and are always subject to change.

What Types of DNA Tests Can You Buy at Walgreens?

While some tests may look the same and collect DNA using the same methods, they’re not all identical.

Walgreens does have a variety of kits available that test for various things, it all depends on what you’re looking for specifically. Below are the most common kinds you’ll find in the store or at Walgreens.com.

Tests for Healthy Weight

Many people struggle with their weight. It can be frustrating for those who feel like nothing they do seems to work when it comes to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. The reason it can fall off some people while some struggle to lose any amount all comes down to genetic makeup.

Your genetic makeup is yours, so it won’t be the same as someone else’s. This type of DNA kit will help you determine your genetic makeup as well as the best exercise and diet plans that will provide you with the best results.

Walgreens only carries one healthy weight test currently, but that can change in the future.

HomeDNA Collection Kit: The test is around $24.99 while the laboratory testing currently costs around $99.00. Retrieve your DNA sample with a simple cheek swab and then mail it to the lab using the prepaid envelope they provide for you. You can register your kit online at HomeDNA.com.

It takes around six weeks to receive your results, but you’ll be able to access the report online once it’s ready. The HomeDNA healthy weight test studies 45 genetic markers that are related to weight including 4:

  • Vitamin A tendency
  • Vitamin B12 tendency
  • Fat utilization
  • Carb utilization
  • Insulin sensitivity response to cardio
  • Body composition response to strength training

Your results will tell you the best foods to include in your diet that’ll help you meet your caloric needs as well as your ideal daily nutritional goals.

Ancestry DNA Tests

For many people, a goal they have is to learn more about their family’s history. Ancestry DNA tests are a simple yet effective way to learn more about your family as well as the genetic traits that make up who you are. Walgreens does have a couple of ancestry test kits available to choose from.

23andMe: The kit costs $29.99 while the laboratory tests range from $69 for just ancestry or $169 if you want to learn more about your health and your ancestry. For this test, you collect your DNA with a cheek swab that collects your saliva and then you mail it off to the lab using the prepaid envelope 5.

The 23andMe test examines your 23 chromosomes to help you learn more about where you came from and help you find relatives from their DNA database. If you choose to include the health testing, you’ll get to learn if you’re a carrier for certain diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia and Cystic Fibrosis.

You can also find out if you’re at risk of health conditions such as Parkinson’s based on your genetic makeup.

It can take 2 to 4 weeks to receive your results, but you can keep an eye on the progress by signing into your account on their website.

HomeDNA Ancestry Test Kit: The cost of the HomeDNA Ancestry Test is $24.99, and they offer two options for laboratory testing; starter testing for $39 and $99 for advanced. This kit, like many others, has you collecting your DNA with a cheek swab and has you mail it to the laboratory with the provided prepaid envelope.

It can take up to six weeks to receive your results. The starter test will examine your DNA and identify what parts of the world have people with similar genetic makeup as you do. The advanced testing examines 80,000 autosomal genetic markers and 41 gene pools to help you pinpoint exactly where you came from.

Paternity Tests

Walgreens carries two brands that offer at home paternity tests, offering you a quick and affordable way to find the answers you’re looking for.

HomeDNA Paternity: The HomeDNA Paternity test is $14.99 with a $139. With this test, you can get fast online results in only two business days. The test kit that you buy at Walgreens contains tests for one potential father, the child. The mother's sample is not required but highly recommended.

HomeDNA Paternity for New York: This kit, as the name suggests, is a paternity test for New York residents 6. This can be used for legal purposes, if you follow the correct steps.

To use it in court, you do need to have a New York licensed lawyer or a doctor with you when you take the test in the onsite laboratory. This kit is $27.99 and at this time it comes with a $30 discount card that is used towards the fee for the lab testing.

Reveal DNA Paternity Test:The Reveal DNA Paternity test is a cheap DNA test that only costs $19.19. It does cost $85 for the laboratory fee and the results are typically available online within two business days.

This kit, like the other paternity tests, comes with three cheek swabs, for the potential father, the child, and the mother who is optional but recommended for the most accurate results. You do have the option to test more than one potential father, but that would cost an additional fee.

Tests for Skin Care

Currently, Walgreens carries only one type of test for skin care.

HomeDNA Skin Care DNA Test: This kit is only $24.99 at Walgreens and has a $79.99 fee for the lab testing. The test determines your skin’s genetic profile to figure out what skin care products you’d benefit from the most.

This helps take the guesswork on which products you should use, saving you time and money. The samples come from a simple cheek swab and the results come in less than six weeks from when the lab receives the samples.

Food and Pet Sensitivity Tests

Walgreens carries one brand of food and pet sensitivity tests at this time.

HomeDNA Food and Pet Sensitivity test kit: This kit is $25.99 with a $79 lab fee. This test determines how your genetic profile responds to common irritants including gluten, pet dander, cow milk protein, eggs, and peanut. The results from this test provide you with recommended supplements that would help you with your sensitivities and lifestyle and dietary changes that would lessen your discomfort.

The results typically come within six weeks after the lab receives the samples.

How Do the DNA Tests at Walgreens Work?

Since the types of DNA kits that are sold at Walgreens do differ from one another, they don’t all work the same.

They do have different instructions, so it’s important to read the directions thoroughly and follow each step.

Most commonly though, the at home DNA tests do require you to perform a simple cheek swab and the instructions will tell you exactly how to do it. The kits come with prepaid envelopes for returning the samples to the lab for testing.

Many of the tests require you to register your kit online. This allows you to receive fast online results.

Is a DNA Test From Walgreens Accurate?

There are different types and brands of DNA tests at Walgreens, so the accuracy of one test can vary on another type of test.

Before selecting a test, take some time to research the company, the accuracy rate, and read reviews to find out more information to help you make your decision.

Can You Use Coupons to Buy a DNA Test at Walgreens?

The good news is that you can use coupons to buy DNA tests at Walgreens, and you can get them conveniently online here.

The offers do change, as with any coupons, so you can periodically check to see if you can find a coupon for the specific test you’re looking for to help you save some money.

What Are the Benefits of Using a DNA Test From Walgreens?

Some of the most common benefits of using at-home tests from Walgreens is that they’re easy, affordable, and accurate.

If you’re just looking for results for peace of mind rather than legal reasons, the at-home tests will save you a lot of time and money. Another benefit is that these cheap DNA tests help you learn more about yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Are DNA Tests From Walgreens FDA Approved?

Most of the DNA tests from Walgreens are not FDA approved, aside from 23andme.

With these tests not being regulated, claims made by the companies that sell these products might not always be fully accurate 7.

Can You Use a Walgreens DNA Test For Legal Purposes?

Most of the at-home DNA tests cannot be used for legal purposes, but the rules do vary by state.

Courts will not allow you to use the results in proceedings if the DNA was collected at home. There is a procedure in place, requiring the samples to be collected and verified by licensed lawyers or doctors.

A paternity kit for New York residents provides you with the information needed to help you follow the steps to make it possible to use the kit results in court. Other states will have similar restrictions.

DNA Tests at Walgreens Reviews

The reviews of DNA tests at Walgreens are mixed and they do vary based on the type of tests.

Many people were impressed with how easy it was to take the test and how quick the results came back. Others were confused by the directions and didn’t know how to read the results properly.

Most of the reviews do seem to be in favor of the convenience and affordability of the tests.

While at-home DNA tests might not be for everyone, they can offer you a convenient, confidential, and affordable way to receive answers to the questions you might be in search of.

Whether it’s to learn more about yourself, your family, or find out who the father of your child is, there are numerous types of DNA kits to choose from at Walgreens.

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