110+ Top Gender Neutral Names of 2023 - The Greenspring Home (2023)

As the saying goes, “names have power” and it’s true.

Names can affect how we feel about ourselves as well as our personal and professional relationships.

However, choosing a name for your baby isn’t just about what sounds best or looks great on paper – it’s also about the future effect the name itself will have on the child’s life.

Some parents simply like that gender neutral names are not as popular, and that most traditional binary names have been overused.

Many parents choose not to find out the gender of their baby, so they need a gender neutral name.

Finally, gender discrimination is a very real thing and it affects every part of society from families to schools, from workplaces to bathrooms, even within our own governments.

Many parents today are choosing gender neutral names that can apply to either gender so as not to ostracize a gender identity later in life and affect how the world may treat them.

Whatever your reasoning… here are 111 gender neutral names to inspire you, broken out by five categories…

  1. Unique Gender Neutral Names
  2. Popular Unisex Names
  3. Awesome Nonbinary Names
  4. Cute Gender-Neutral Names
  5. Common Nonbinary Names

This is a current, modern list of unisex baby names you’re sure to love. Each section is listed in alphabetical order.

Let’s get started!

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Unique Gender Neutral Names

If you’re looking for a baby name that’s not commonly used, look through these 13 unique gender neutral names below.

Every name on this list could be used for a girl’s name or boy’s name!

1. Amari

2. Arlo

3. Atlas

4. August

5. Easton

6. Haven

7. Kane

8. Landry

9. Patton

10. Terrin

11. Valen

12. Whitley

13. Zane

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Popular Unisex Names

If you’re looking for a more popular unisex name, check out the 37 options for baby names below.

None of these would be considered a masculine name or feminine name.

In this list, you’ll notice some familiar names of famous people such as actress Blake Lively or actor Ashton Kutcher.

14. Aden

15. Adrian

16. Andie

17. Ari

18. Ariel

19. Ashton

20. Avery

21. Baker

22. Blake

23. Blaine

24. Blair

25. Brooks

26. Camden

27. Cameron

28. Colby

29. Dakota

30. Dawson

31. Devan

32. Drew

33. Emery

34. Emerson

35. Hunter

36. Julian

37. Kirby

38. Maddox

39. Parker

40. Perry

41. Peyton

42. Quinn

43. Reagan

44. Riley

45. Rowan

46. Saylor

47. Sawyer

48. Sidney

49. Sloane

50. Tanner

51. Tatum

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Awesome Nonbinary Names

Looking for an awesome nonbinary name for your baby?

Join many parents in this growing trend by exploring the 28 nonbinary name options below.

52. Arden

53. Ashton

54. Aspen

55. Auden

56. Beckett

57. Caelan

58. Campbell

59. Dalton

60. Dallas

61. Darian

62. Denver

63. Ellison

64. Flynn

65. Grayson

66. Harlow

67. Hudson

68. Ira

69. Jace

70. Jalen

71. Jude

72. Kennedy

73. Lennon

74. Loren

75. Maxwell

76. Phoenix

77. Presley

78. River

79. Rooney

80. Sutton

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Cute Gender-Neutral Names

If you’re on the hunt for a gender-neutral baby name that just SOUNDS cute, any one of the 17 name options below will be a great choice.

81. Bex

82. Beck

83. Channing

84. Darby

85. Finley

86. Hayden

87. Kai

88. Kade

89. Lane

90. Luca

91. Madison

92. Nowell

93. Oakley

94. Pax

95. Reese

96. Rory

97. Stevie

98. Teegan

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Common Nonbinary Names

Finally, there’s a reason why common nonbinary baby names have been used for decades… because people love them!

Here are some of the most common gender neutral names that have stayed in a top spot for years.

99. Alex

100. Casey

101. Charlie

102. Corey

103. Jordan

104. Logan

105. Mason

106. Morgan

107. Nicky

108. Ryan

109. Sam

110. Taylor

111. Tyler

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Things to Consider When You’re Making a Name Choice

Did this list of potential baby names bring any excitement and progress towards choosing the perfect baby name?

You’ll have to consider, of course, how it will sound with their middle name and last name.

Try saying both the first name and middle name out loud. If you were yelling or cheering, are they too difficult to say quickly together?

Next, write out what their name’s monogram would be. What do the abbreviated 3 letters together read? For example, if you like the name Aden Sawyer Smith. You might want to consider that their initials would be A-S-S! Mature, I know, but I’m sure this has happened.

Finally, have you looked up the name meaning? Knowing whether it’s of english origin, irish origin, or greek origin may or may not be important to you. You can look up this information for first names easily a on site like Behind the Name. There is also a similar feature for a last name or family name on Ancestry.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gender Neutral Names

How do I find out how rare or popular a baby name is?

If you’re wondering how rare or popular a baby name is, we recommend looking it up on the ‘Popularity of Name’ tool on the Social Security Administration website. Unfortunately in order to look up the name rank and popularity, you have to select the gender you want to see. Choose one and take note of the Male rankings followed by the Female rankings. Between the two sets of statistics, you should know if the baby name is rare (or popular) enough.

What is a binary name?

The definition of a binary name according to the dictionary is “the scientific name for an organism consisting of its genus and species”. A binary name clearly fits into one gender classification and not the other. We are now learning that binary names typically adhere to social norms and may fall into gender stereotypes.

What is a nonbinary name?

A nonbinary name is a name that can be either male or female, not one or the other. They are also referred to as unisex names and they’ve become more and more popular in recent decades. Some think that there are too many gender neutral names being created while other modern parents like them because most traditional binary names have been overused.

In general, a nonbinary name is any name that is not purely masculine or purely feminine. In other words, it’s the exact opposite of the gender binary.

What is an androgynous name?

Androgynous names are one that can apply to either gender. They are not too masculine or feminine, mostly because they’re created to be unique rather than fitting into a certain category. These names can also referred to as unisex names – the same as binary names or nonbinary names.

We interviewed Ruth Carter, who has been non-binary since 2016, and asked her what it means to be non-binary. Here was her response….

Many people are given names by their parents that are traditionally masculine or feminine. Many non-binary people select a new name that is more gender neutral. Some peoplelegally change their name, and other have a non-binary name that is more gender neutral they use for situations like buying coffee. For example, my legal name is Ruth. I use it in professional settings and with my friends. When I order coffee or asked for my name by a sales clerk, I use my non-binary name, which is Maven.

What does it mean to be non binary or have non binary gender?

Verywell Mind has a great article on this topic if you want to learn more about what it means to classify as a nonbinary person.

Also from Ruth… being non binary literally means we are outside the male-female gender binary. We are not male or female. Many non-binary people (but not all) have a more neutral or androgynous gender expression. (For example, I have short hair, and when I bought glasses, I said I wanted frames that would work with a dress or shirt and tie.) The abbreviation for non-binary is “X.” Many of us use they/them pronouns.

Finally, Jane Pilcher is highly recommended as a world renowned sociologist based in Leicestershire, UK. She is an expert on gender and on generations and is a leading authority on the sociology of names. Her website has a TON of information on this topic if you want to learn more about the constraints of the gender binary. I’ll leave you with this quote from her…

“Names are so much more than mere nouns. They are adjectives or describing words, informing us about people’s social and cultural identities”.

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What are some popular gender-neutral names? ›

According to Yau, these are the most typically unisex names:
  • Jessie.
  • Marion.
  • Jackie.
  • Alva.
  • Ollie.
  • Jodie.
  • Cleo.
  • Kerry.
Jun 23, 2022

What are the rarest gender-neutral names? ›

Most Rare Gender-Neutral Names
  • Florian.
  • Gardener.
  • Guthrie.
  • Hero.
  • Indiana.
  • Jagger.
  • Jericho.
  • Kit.
Mar 15, 2019

How do you find a gender-neutral name? ›

If you're looking for trendy, gender-neutral names, these monikers work for any gender.
  1. Noah. As the most popular unisex baby name in 2020, Noah comes from the Old Testament and means “rest, repose.” ...
  2. James. ...
  3. Evelyn. ...
  4. Harper. ...
  5. Michael. ...
  6. Logan. ...
  7. Avery. ...
  8. Madison.
May 3, 2022

How common are gender-neutral names? ›

It turns out that nearly 1 percent of Americans (or 1 in 109) have a unisex name, which means that at least one-third of newborns given that name were male and at least one-third were female.

What is a fancy name for nonbinary? ›

People whose gender is not male or female use many different terms to describe themselves, with nonbinary being one of the most common (sometimes spelled with a hyphen, as “non-binary”). Other terms include genderqueer, agender, bigender, genderfluid, and more.

What is the most common gender neutral title? ›

While Mx. is the most common gender-neutral title, it isn't the only one. Another alternative for nonbinary or gender-noncomforming people is Misc., short for miscellaneous, from the Latin for “mixed.” Similarly, the alternative title M.

Why gender neutral names are good? ›

For girls in the professional world, having a name that could be thought of as gender neutral might give them an advantage as they correspond electronically or remotely — they can prove themselves on their work ethic and skill instead of being judged on their gender.

Is there a gender neutral title? ›


Mx (pronounced 'mux' or 'mix') is a gender neutral title used for people who do not identify with the traditional titles Ms, Miss, Mrs or Mr. The earliest known use of Mx is believed to be in an article published in 19776 and it has gradually gained popularity in society.

What are non English non binary names? ›

Check it out:
  • Allie: Meaning “harmony” or nobility. ...
  • Amaranth: Meaning “unfading flower”.
  • Andi: Meaning “brave”.
  • Angel: Meaning “messenger”.
  • Aphra: Meaning “dust”.
  • Ariel: More than a Disney name, Ariel is an enduring nonbinary Biblical name meaning “lion of God”.
  • Arin: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
6 days ago

What are neutral masculine names? ›

The top unisex names for baby boys include Ryan, Angel, Jordan, Parker, Sawyer, Rowan, Elliott, Karter, August, and River.

What unisex name means love? ›

Nonbinary & Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Love

Aarati (Hindi) – “Worthy of love” Adarshpreet (Hindi) – “Ideal love” Amabilis (Latin) – “Lovable” Love (English) – Word name meaning “love” or “deep affection”

What name means first born daughter? ›

Girl names meaning "first born"
  • Olivia.
  • Addison.
  • Evelyn.
  • Mackenzie.
  • Aubrey.
  • Morgan.
  • Reagan.
  • Natalia.

What is the female version of the name James? ›

Jamie/Jamey/Jami (feminized) Jamesina, Jamesa (feminine form)

What do you name a miscarried baby? ›

Come up with a new nickname. You could use the nursery room theme you planned/imagined for your baby. For example, Baby Owl, Teddy Bear, Cherry, Little Duckling, Chevy, or Dot.

What are cute non binary nicknames? ›

9 Alternatives to “Partner” as Gender-Neutral Terms of Endearment
  • My Datefriend or Datemate. If you're looking for variations of boyfriend or girlfriend, these definitely match the same lilt and tone. ...
  • My Sweetie. ...
  • My Boo. ...
  • My Lover. ...
  • My Cutie. ...
  • My Significant Other. ...
  • My Lovebug.

What are gender neutral compliments? ›

Examples include:
  • “You really thought about how to climb that play structure and you kept trying until you did it.”
  • “Riley was sad. You helped fix the block tower. Thank you.”
  • “I noticed that you asked your friends to join you when they felt left out. That was very kind.”
Jun 21, 2021

What names start with a non binary? ›

  • Avery.
  • Asher.
  • Aiden.
  • Aria.
  • Angel.
  • Adrian.
  • Addison.
  • Aubrey.

What is an example of a gender-neutral title? ›

Titles that should be removed include: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Sir, Dame, Lady, Lord. Titles that are considered gender-neutral and can be retained in University documentation include: Dr, Professor.

What does Mx mean in gender? ›

“Mx.,” pronounced “mix,” is a coinage preferred by some transgender people who do not identify as either male or female and so do not want to use “Mr.” or “Ms.”

What is a gender-neutral female pronoun? ›

Non-gendered or nonbinary pronouns are not gender specific and are most often used by people who identify outside of a gender binary. The most common set of nonbinary pronouns is they/them/their used in the singular (e.g., Jadzia identifies as genderqueer; they do not see themselves as either a woman or a man).

What do you call a nonbinary teacher? ›

Nonbinary teachers embrace gender-neutral honorific. Educators who identify as neither exclusively male nor female have found “Mx.” to be a more fitting classroom honorific. NBC News. Link copied.

What is the gender-neutral name for grandparents? ›

Grandy; neutral, short for Grandparent, Grandma or Grandpa.

What is Kai short for? ›

In the US, the name Kai is most commonly referred to as being of Hawaiian derivation, meaning “sea.” In Europe, Kai is largely considered to have Frisian origin as a diminutive of the name Kaimbe, meaning “warrior”, or as a short form of Gerard "brave spear".

What nonbinary names mean royal? ›

Kinsey The moniker Kinsey is composed of 'cyne,' meaning 'royal,' and 'sige,' meaning 'victory. ' It is a gender-neutral name of English origin.

How do I choose a new name? ›

How to pick the perfect baby name
  1. Avoid passing trends.
  2. Remember that classic names don't have to be boring.
  3. Take a look at your family tree.
  4. Honor your culture.
  5. Look up meanings.
  6. Contemplate all possible nicknames.
  7. Consider the importance of the middle name.
  8. Don't forget about the initials.

What is a androgynous name? ›

A gender-neutral, androgynous, or non-gendered name is a given name that isn't specific to your child's gender identity or the sex they are assigned at birth.

What is Rory short for? ›

Rory is often used as a short form of Roderick although the two names are not connected. It could also be used as a nickname for the girl names Aurora and/or Lorelei.

What is the royal name for gender neutral? ›

But the gender neutral options are royal(ty), your highness if you're adressing them directly, monarch, and ruler. Monarch or sovereign.

What is an angel baby? ›

"Angel Baby," "Sunshine Baby," and "Rainbow Baby" are terms that refer to babies born just before or after another baby is lost due to a variety of reasons. They help immediate family members move through the grieving process and find meaning in the loss.

What do you call miscarried twins? ›

Vanishing twin syndrome is a type of miscarriage that can occur during multiple pregnancies (births involving twins or triplets).

Is it OK to name a miscarried baby? ›

There really are no rules about how anyone should grieve this kind of loss or any loss for that matter, so give yourself space and time to decide what works. 5 Even if you don't decide to name your miscarried or stillborn baby right away, if you want to choose a name later on, that's up to you.

What is the most uncommon name? ›

  • Flynn.
  • Loyal.
  • Everest.
  • Indigo.
  • Caspian.
  • Rome.
  • Hadleigh.
  • Yehuda.
Dec 22, 2022

Is Rory a non binary name? ›

Rory is a gender-neutral baby name of Irish origin. Rory is an Anglicized name derived from the Irish word ruadh, meaning “red,” and the Old Irish name Ruaidhrí, meaning “red king.” History buffs will recognize Rory or Ruaidhrí as the High King of Ireland in the 1100s who fought and challenged Anglo-Norman invaders.

Can you call a girl Rory? ›

In recent years, the name Rory has become increasingly popular for girls. This may be due in part to the rise of gender-neutral names, as well as the name's strong, confident connotations. It's a name that exudes sass and style, making it a perfect choice for a modern girl.

What is Rory's middle name? ›

Rory's given first name is also Lorelai, but her middle name is Leigh.

Why are names gender neutral? ›

For girls in the professional world, having a name that could be thought of as gender neutral might give them an advantage as they correspond electronically or remotely — they can prove themselves on their work ethic and skill instead of being judged on their gender.

Is your highness gender neutral? ›

Your Highness; neutral, a way of addressing royalty.


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